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If the negatives were way thin in your first test then something must have been wrong. IIRC, Pyrocat HD working solution is pretty dilute, and it's short on Sulfite in order to promote staining, so chances are it expired before you got around to use it.
I had to rule out expired developer and lay the blame on me doing something wrong when I mixed it (to much coffee, not enough sleep, mind in another world, or Alzheimer's. Or maybe all of the above?). The first batch was used within four or five days and should have been in its prime. Of course not knowing exactly what I was suppose to get with the developer I had nothing to gauge the result with. Now I do! I know now why so many people like the developer. The negatives I got with it are very easy to print. I had a little Canon QL17 that I just repaired and wanted to test so I put some Ilford HP5 in it and shot away. I developed both the Tmax 100 and the HP5 in the same tank for the same time and they both are very easy to print. Oh, the HP5 was a 72 exp thin base film so you have an idea how old it was. It's been in a case in the garage for years and I use it for just this purpose. It did have a heavy base fog, but the prints look very nice and I had a hard time finding grain with my grain focuser. I'm looking forward to getting to know this developer much better. JohnW