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I know it is semantics, but a professor I had in 1986 beat it in our heads not to utter the word shoot. (not deriding above poster)
Anyway, it is a state of mind, that Salgado and others will confirm. I guess semantically "shooter" get's in my craw and this was before Sandy Hook.
I was interviewed a couple times in the past decade, and I hate reading "vincent shoots" ..." uses a ____ to shoot" "shoot film" etc.
I do shoot a 12 ga shotgun for target... that is a different mindset.

Cheers, no deriding and say what is comfortable to you.
BTW this professor also said "motor drives not permitted" It was 1986, I was a student and working photographer and he would not allow my motorized cameras in the classroom... and he was dead serious.

THanks for the Goldwater mention... off to look at his photographs (not shots) now.

Oh and the rest of the story, I photographed Goldwater in 1986... too young to know who he was, same for Noam Chomsky... wish I had a time machine.

I am tinking you don't like snapshots either!