First time poster here, take it easy on me!

I've recently developed an admiration to shooting Portra 400 after learning photography on a DSLR and boy do I love the rendering and range! However, development costs and sending them to FIND or IndieFilmLab is getting pricey. So here I am and I get the gist that Rollei Digibase is the best. But I guess recently stopped carrying it! Now I'm stuck researching between Tetenal Rapid kits and Kodak bulk chems (Which I have no idea what to buy). I plan on splitting the costs with a friend and we'll be doing 15-20 rolls a time so expirations won't really matter since once we exhaust the batch, it'll just get thrown out.

Can anyone enlighten me whats the best go to kit to go for and or how to build a Kodak arsenal? Cheers