Well hello - finally stopped lurking, and here's my first post!

Returning to the darkroom after a 15 year or so absence. Using a Beseler 67c, Single column. It's got some minor alignment issues.

I've got it fairly well dialed in using a black 35mm neg with a grid scratched into it. Used a Magna Sight to get this far.

Just got a 25x Microsight. Man - that thing's intense! I have to stop down to f8 or so to avoid frying my retinas. Nice! But... when I've got roughly a 16x20 area going, I can see grain even when the micro is placed several inches off center - eventually I'll have sort of a "quarter moon" of grain, which shimmers until the eye is aligned just right. But - I can see grain far enough from the center to notice I could still do some fine tuning.

My question is - if I can see grain, is it accurate for focus - or is only the center going to be correct for focus, and are the edge focus issues I'm seeing a product of the micro sight being off-center? Anyone know? I've emailed the manufacturer, so far just got a reply of "helping them with emails, I'll ask someone". I'd love to buy a top-of-the-line, full field focuser, but the Mrs. is wondering why all the huge eBay boxes every day (I'm working towards 3' x 5' emulsion on canvas prints...)

By the way, this forum's been a daily search for me - so much friendly knowledge here. If anyone needs to know how to dupe your color slides onto 8x10 velvia sheet film, just let me know (that was my last enlarger usage, for my commercial portfolio pre iPad and website days...) Thanks all.