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First time poster here, take it easy on me!

I've recently developed an admiration to shooting Portra 400 after learning photography on a DSLR and boy do I love the rendering and range! However, development costs and sending them to FIND or IndieFilmLab is getting pricey. So here I am and I get the gist that Rollei Digibase is the best. But I guess recently Freestylephoto.biz stopped carrying it! Now I'm stuck researching between Tetenal Rapid kits and Kodak bulk chems (Which I have no idea what to buy). I plan on splitting the costs with a friend and we'll be doing 15-20 rolls a time so expirations won't really matter since once we exhaust the batch, it'll just get thrown out.

Can anyone enlighten me whats the best go to kit to go for and or how to build a Kodak arsenal? Cheers
Asking an opinion on APUG can be very dangerous! Welcome.

I'm shocked to see the Rollei chems go. There was so much cheering when they came along only a few years ago. And they were there three weeks ago when I bought some more Unicolor powder.

The Arista liquid chemistry is Unicolor. A look at the directions will show that. Other than the mixing differences, all else is the same.

Some here are rabid about using separate bleach and fix. I think it's overkill worry about something that doesn't seem the rear it's hypo-head in the real world. Yes, professional processing uses separate chemicals, but they have to to maintain the chemistry correctly and that would be difficult in a blix.

I think either Unicolor product or the Tetenal will give you great results. If you scan the negatives, you also have more processing latitude than when wet printing.

As the conversation above about Kodak Starter will show, I don't think anybody has sorted out all of the various Kodak lines of C-41 chemicals and how to use them. And they are usually sold in case lots and then you are shipping liquids.

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