A fervent Plea, Yet once again!!
Perhaps not the correct place, but does anyone know of a current source for Rollieflex 6000 batteries? I have tried the "fix your own" and they cannot be made to work by me, at least. Cheap enough by all means, but not working is no relief if they won't drive my 6008i when re-assembled, is it? I want to buy a couple of complete, new batteries. the kind one can simply drop in a N or G charger and have them work. I am a mathematician. I want them to work. Inexpensive would be nice. They don't have to be new even, so long as they will last me a few more good years of shooting I will be happy. My email is whlogan@loganphotographics.com and phone is 828-243-2453 (cell) I will be happy to discuss this issue with anyone. It has been no fun with only one working battery. There was one place I saw on the web a while back but now I cannot find them. Wish I had bought the fool batteries back then.