For showing stuff to friends and (especially) for clients, an iPad is pretty cool.

But for prints, I'd find a way to get them in an album. People will assume everything's digital, retouched, etc. these days. Fiber prints have something special, and you can't get your iPhone shots run off at the drug store on fiber. The tactile feel of a fiber print is wonderful, but they'll get dirty and damaged over time.

Find a beautiful wooden box, and put your prints a pair of cotton gloves in it - your friends have to put on the gloves to flip through 'em. Now that will wow them, right?

Seriously, I once did a booklet of polaroid transfers on watercolor paper. I stacked the sheets and added a front cover of heavy hand-made paper and a back cover of matte board, and "bound" them with a row of pop rivets (I scored the sheets so the pages would turn). The edges got a little aged, but it kinda added to the "old book" feel - and it made the work into a cohesive "object" that seemed kind of rare and beautiful. Something like that would be nice, especially for images that fit into a theme. (I think I gave it to some babe i was trying to impress...)