The notion of "not worried about handling.... I can always reprint" will change quickly once you start doing intricate manipulations. Each print can take so much effort and element of luck that you start treasuring your own work. One of my prints took 2 months - printing every weekend to perfect!

I have several methods.

For my own storage, I use Itoya portfolio.
To show someone a print or two, I typically put it in my temporary mat/backboard set. It's hinged and has photo corners that I can slide in the film.
When it has to absolutely look their best, I dry mount, and mat, then put it in clear sleeves. Take them out of the sleeve to show and put it back in once done.

I almost NEVER hand over a naked print unless it's a junk print. I spent so much time printing and processing, keeping in mind being archival and all that, I don't want people casually handling my prints.