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I develop my film at the kitchen table. All the chemicals and equipment fits in two shopping bags and gets stored in a closet when not in use. I hang the negatives to dry just about anywhere in the house and then scan them at my desk.
Finding a dark enough space in my house is a problem. Working inside a bag (loading film onto a reel inside a bag) is next to impossible for me! Back in my much younger days when I used to develop my own negatives and printed my own work, I had trouble loading film onto reels; and that was in a large darkroom! As for the chemical storage, I remember it having to be refrigerated (especially due to the fact that it is very hot here in Florida); that would take up precious real estate space inside my refrigerator!

For these first few rolls I would like a pro lab to develop them. If I like the results then I will invest more time and effort into creating a small lab in my house, then I will develop my own stuff.