I've been developing E6 for a while, so I know about proper temperature and timing. Today I developed a roll of EPR using the Arista 3-bath Kit. I did notice that after I did the pre-wash that it water turned an ugly green/blue color, whatever, I've seen worse colors. But what startled me is that after I emptied the first developer out instead of a pale tan color it looked like strawberry cool-aide. It was bright red. I've NEVER seen that before. I went over to the wash and it kept on dumping out red tinted water, Color developer came out looking almost as red as my Blix.

After I dumped the blix I took a look at the film and it looks VERY red, even the black borders around the frame are a black/red, film looks as though there is no blue in it at all, just washed out red and black. The only thing I can think of was when I was filling the tank with water for the prewash I bumped the faucet handle and the temp went up to 125 degrees for a few seconds.

I last used this last week to develop some 4x5 sheets and everything came out perfect.