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If you're using a modern era bells-and-whistles (35mm or even medium format) camera, setting 1.6 stop filter compensation is easy if there is provision for choosing stepping among 1 stop, 0.5 stop or 0.3 stop. I regularly do 1.3 and 1.6 stop compensations for filter-unrelated scenes on an ancient EOS 1N.
True, but in that case, with through the lens metering, the "Hutchings" factor is the one you will want to apply, not the manufacturers' factor.

It's all so simple once someone points it out. But it's OK if you forget it all and have to look it up when you need it.

I was out at the telescopes last Saturday night looking at Jupiter and several of its moons. And it made sense to me then and over the next few nights I could look up and see Jupiter still, getting closer to the moon. But wait a month and I won't be able to tell Jupiter from Venus.

Maybe filter factors are like that.