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3 separate exposures to 3 separate films, with 3 separate filters, in close duration of each other of the same scene, without moving the camera!. (too bad if a parked car moves in between your three exposures)

In-camera separations (analog or digital, one-shot or 3 separate exposes, assembled in photoshop or color carbon), will be the topic of Scott Bilotta's presentation at this months Historic Photo Process Forum. Here's his posting on the History of Color Photography Group:

Historic Photo Process Talk on Tri-Color Photography

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"Scott Bilotta" silver_recollection
I will be the speaker at this month's Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History (Santa Cruz, California) Historic Photo Processes Forum. The topic is tri-color photography via monochrome separations.

Prints made from separation photographs that I've taken and a variety of vintage and antique tri-color cameras will be on display.

I'll demonstrate the process of assembling separations in Photoshop using my photographs as well as vintage separations from my collection.

I'll demonstrate and describe the functional differences between the basic types of color cameras and show modern equipment that one can make or buy to practice tri-color separation photography.

Here's a link to the museum event page: http://www.santacruzmah.org/event/hi...ocesses-forum/

If you'll be in the area, stop by and say hello.

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