Hi everyone

I'm new to the forums and new to using film for my photography (moved from digital) and was hoping you might have a moment to help some questions I have on developing my film - I have all my developing kit ready to go, but I'm confused over measurements for my chemicals

I'm going to try stand development - my first attempt at developing my own film and my first little experiment, because I would like to see the outcome of stand development with Tri-X 400 (pushed to 800) in Rodinal (this is going to be the film/developer I intend to stick with through my learning curve, and who knows, maybe beyond)

My developing tank capacity is 290 ml and I would like to use a dilution mix of 1 + 100

My questions are:

1. Can I round up the mix to 300 ml to make measurement slightly easier, and only use 290 ml of the mix?

2. If I do this, would the correct mix be 3 + 297 ml?

3. Will my film develop correctly with only 3 ml of Rodinal (assuming a stand time of 1 hour)?

Thanks in advance, I realise I'm asking real beginners stuff but want to make sure I have some confidence in my film development and don't waste a roll of film!