This was helpful as it explains how you look at photographs, which I appreciate. I guess I just look at things differently. I think where we are most different on this is when you say a photo must have something specific to look at to maintain your interest.

Regarding what you said about viewer impressions, I agree. I would much rather someone just liked one of my shots (or not) rather than simply complimenting me on technical quality, sharpness etc. I include compositional tools, selective focus etc. under the heading "technical" though. Perhaps some would disagree with me on that extension.

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Purely for clarity I'm going to oversimplify a bunch and it reflects my personal preferences.

When I look at Ansel Adams' Clearing Winter storm I think "Wow, nice background!"

When I look at Ansel Adams portrait of Georgia O'Keeffe and Orville Cox I just think "Wow!"

Yeah, the subject matter is different. But, as truly good and really honestly special as the former is, it is still very much like looking out a window. The latter really gives me something to look at.

Lest you think it is purely a bias toward portraits, That shot gives me something to look at and keeps my attention better than Clearing Winter Storm. As does this

For a photo to keep me interested, it has to give me something specific to look at or I lose interest.

Similarly, when someone says "Wow, you really nailed the focus/exposure/made a great print." It is a compliment about my skill with my tools and I do appreciate those comments. When someone says "wow great shot" and they ignore the print quality I feel I have done much better.