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I dont like japanese lenses whoever reports whatever. In 25 years , I only saw few good japanese lens shots and they were taken with exceptionally beatiful women. As you see at your Zenzanon picture , lens is very weak performer , nothing special even good . Zenzanon , who gives that name to a product ? I use zeiss and leitz and I am happy.
It's been a long time since I've heard such an over the top and biased assessment of a lens or lens line. I've shot both Zeiss and Bronica and I can tell you that while there are differences there is no way someone can tell from a single 800x600 scanned in picture on the internet that a lens is a "weak performer." I assume you were just being sarcastic and it didn't translate well over the internet.

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150/3.5 will have shallower depth of field and different angle of view...hard to compare.
Yup. Pretty much. I read the question a couple of days ago and I didn't even understand why it was being asked.