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I used to find it therapeutic, but in the past year while carrying a camera, I pause to make an image, then sometimes stop and say, who is it for, will they care, and has it been done?

I can make images of my children and wife, to preserve moments, feelings, or family history, but outside this and paying assignments, I am stagnated and conflicted as to why to create more work that is gazed upon with empty platitudes but no real connection to the hurried viewer or monetary reward through a print sale.
There is nothing wrong with simply satisfying yourself.

For example, here in Colorado, the one picture a landscape photographer has to take (and will be judged by) is Maroon Bells. It's the most photographed spot in the state. There are weekend mornings where there is hardly room along the lakeshore for another tripod. Ansel Adams did a wonderful B&W version. Now why would anybody want to take another shot of it? It's been done to death. Anyone can go out and buy any number of truly spectacular prints, even print some off Flickr.

Well, it hasn't been done by me, yet. I've tried and failed. I don't care about all those other guys. I want to make my own. I don't want to sell it - who would want to buy it? I just want to take a beautiful photograph that does justice to one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Maybe at this point you need to tell yourself you are doing it for yourself. Just for the shear pleasure of doing it.