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Back when I had a Rollei I would rebuild the cells using NiMH cells which last a lot longer than the NiCads. I had a Maha charger, I think there was a 777 in the model number. The Maha charger worked great for the Rollei batteries since there were adjustable prongs. All you have to do is line up the prongs, and slide the battery on to them. The charger was great for all kinds of other batteries too, and wasn't too expensive IIRC. I highly recommend you go this route.

The Maha MH-C777PLUS has been discontinued. I was looking into getting one until I discovered Maha stopped making them for whatever reason. The Cellpro Multi4 works really well and you can hook it up to your computer to get real time data and graphs. The only problem I have with it is having to kludge a connector for the Rollei battery. I connected two small alligator clips to the wires and then just used nails. The charger nails the fall back voltage every time.