My Father had been working for Qualex (A subsidiary of Kodak) Since 96" And had worked his way up to a managerial position and was transferred to the complex in Stone Mountain, GA around 2006. Occasionally he would take me into work when my mother would be working late or for lunch during this time I was pretty much free to roam the building messing with things I shouldn't Have and going through the giant wheeled bins of prints ready to be sent out to customers and intake bins full of envelopes containing rolls of film, As well as looking at the giant automated sorting machinery, but I Digress. Out of all the things I can remember of that building was its smell. So unique and interesting. A Smell I can't describe yet will never forget. Well, A few weeks ago I was mixing some RA-4 Chem from Arista and threw it in my roller transport processor to my surprise I had an instant rush of nostalgia and melancholy feelings from those days and what triggered this? The smell of Arista RA-4 Is exactly that of the Qualex Lab I Remember so fondly.

In Conclusion This is why I am fairly sure Arista RA-4 Is of Kodak Origins.