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... Haha the SMALL ones a7 (3x4 inches) are $30 each! Ouch... Maybe I'll go for a less clean look... :/

Here in the land of perpetually short of funds non-profit art clubs, I laser print labels, usually eight or ten to a page, on index stock. I then laminate the printed sheets to thin foamcore using white glue diluted about 50/50 with water. I paint the glue mix on the back of the printed sheet and the foamcore. I roll the sheet down with a foam brayer, then after the sheets have dried, cut to final dimensions with an Exacto knife or similar (and a straightedge). It helps to cut the foamcore a bit smaller than the printed sheet so glue that oozes out goes down instead of up on top. (I put a piece of blank newsprint paper between the roller and the printed surface whilst rolling also.)

This produces a relatively professional looking sort of 3-D effect that I get lots of points for. An important tip for anyone going that way: wet the back of the foamcore as you prepare to glue the printed stock on the front, otherwise the assembly can turn into a taco as it dries. (I suppose another trick would be to glue a blank piece of index stock on the back.

The results can be stuck on the wall with "blue tack" or a rolled up coil of masking tape, sticky side out.