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Getting 120 or 35mm film developed at WalMart is like getting a cup of Joe at a neighborhood hash house.
I like when people post about services they have obviously never used. It's cute.

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Curious if an others have had similar experience they would share.
If you use the search box in the upper left hand corner you will discover numerous people have utilized the service and reported their findings over the years.

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Boy, shooting film is getting brutal. I hate this. It's just a crying shame. That's all I've got to say on the matter. It's just a shame and a disgrace that things have come to this.
You realize you posted this in a thread where the OP says you can get 120 C-41 processing for $0.84. I can confirm the price is the same for a 220 roll. What price point would you like? Free? Maybe they pay you?

The 35mm C-41 service at Walmart is dead to me but that really was the minority of what I shot. Besides I can get 35mm C-41 done in less than 30 minutes at Sam's Club for $1.50. I really can't complain considering there was no time in the history of photography when people could get 220 C-41 developed for less than a dollar. That is not something to complain about.

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i put on special instructions not to mount my E-6. they came back mounted and a note saying that all E-6 will be mounted and returned with no other options available.
120/220 E-6 is not mounted or even cut.