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I also was not planning on wiping down the film because I have been cautioned against scratching it using that method. My plan was to just let it dry in a well ventilated area. That may not work, but I want to see if I can get away with it before touching the emulsion side.
Yeah, don't squeegee your film! There is no point. You don't even need a well ventilated area. I just hang my film on the shower rod. That's it. If you leave it overnight it will be dry in the morning. One word of caution though is water can pool in parts of the clip and take longer to dry. I usually snip off the leaders that are connected to the clips rather than disturbing the clips. What will happen is occasionally everything will look nice and dry and then you will grab the clip to take the film off the shower rod and a little drop of water will roll down the film!

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I appreciate the word about not being too sensitive about temperature control during the final stages. That has been one of the unknowns in my thoughts. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.
Lol. No problem. In the beginning it is tough to tell what to obsess about. I've made my share of mistakes and eventually figured out what I can be somewhat sloppy about and what demands precision. The actual developing part is where I would be neurotic. That is the place where things can really go wrong and irreparable harm can occur. If you don't do an adequate stop bath the worst that will happen is you will exhaust your fixer quickly. If you do an inadequate fix then before cutting your film put it back on the reel, soak it in water, and fix it for a few more minutes.

The hardest part for me is getting the film on the reels!