I know some of you all like to strip your Speed Graphic's rangefinder and Tube Finders off... Well, I'm trying to do the opposite.

If anyone has the parts laying around and doesn't need them, i'd like to put them to good use (hopefully, I won't screw them up installing them)

Here are the parts I'd ideally like to get

Kalart Rangefinder including all parts and screws (the black steel kind) (but I think I have a few spares if you don't think you have everything)
Optical Tube finder
Graflex FocusScope (little tube that screws into the rangefinder to magnify viewing, but this is not something I absolutely need)

I'm hoping someone is willing to let these parts go for $35-$40 but let me know if you think i'm being too optimistic...

Also! If anyone who is reading this happens to also know where I can get replacement shutter curtains made for Anniversary Speed Graphics, it would be awesome.