The problem I think a lot of people have is they use way too much Photoflo. For my final rinse I take the film out of the developing tank and then fill it with distilled water and add a couple of drops of photoflo. I then mix the Photoflo to make sure it is evenly distributed. But you do not need to use even half a milliliter. I find using too much Photoflo leaves a residue on your negatives. You only need enough Photoflo to break the surface tension of the water.

Once I mix up the distilled water and the photoflo I let the film soak in it for awhile. Heck I've left it overnight when I've had to rush off to do something. I always cover it so no dust or lint falls into the water. Interestingly if you leave it for a couple of hours you will find the water is stained by a dye for certain films. Since I've seen this I am not shy about leaving it in the final distilled water and photoflo rinse for an extended period of time.

I don't understand the point of reusing the photoflo rinse water. I guess you can save some money on distilled water but distilled water is less than $1 a gallon in the US. For the casual photographer it is hardly an expense worth mentioning. A bottle of Photoflo even if you use it as a one shot will last YEARS.