Up for sale is the remaining gear of my late LF kit. I've been very careful using it, as i always am, and this equipment is in excellent condition if not looking new.

- Rodenstock Grandagon-N 90mm f6.8 w/Copal 0 shutter mounted Chamonix Carbon fiber lens boards
Comes in a photobackpacker lens case. Lens board itself sells 75$
Lens is in like new condition.
asking $450 net to me

- 210mm F/5.6 Schneider Symmar-S rebranded Calumet Caltar-S II. It is multi coated and the glasses are in perfect condition. There is a bit of schneideritis and of course it does not affect image quality. Shen Hao lens board and leather pouch go with the lens.
asking $240 net to me

- 2 boxes of 2 Toyo film holders (4 film holders). used a very few times (in fact, one has been used 10 times top, the 3 others have been loaded once). 55$ each box. I'll put black negative bags for shipping.

If you take everything, i'll make the handsome price of 650$.

I could also be interested in a Mamiya RZproII kit, or Hasselblad lenses.