The cells in my SLX were dead so I decided to go the NiMH route. I couldn't find much in terms of solutions since the MaHa charger was discontinued, so I just bought eight 2/3A cells from and had my local Batteries Plus solder them in the right form for the pack. They charged me $16 for their work. For the charger, I bought a Tenergy Smart Charger for about $22. The Rollei charger really caused my cells to get hot, so I don't think it was compatible with the NiMH since the original cells were NiCd. It's clunky - you have to insert two conductive nails attached to the charger with alligator clips. But it works. And the pack stays charged for months between use so long as you remove the pack from the camera during the interval.

Charging the battery

Tenergy Smart Charger - US$22

Tenergy Smart Charger