For sale are two camera's w/ issues.
1. Canon AE-1, I was told there was something internally wrong with it. I figure it's good strictly for parts. The body is very nice looking but that's about it. To nice looking to just throw away. $5.00
2. Is a Ricoh KR-10, This one works I've used it. Everything works as it should, speeds sound good, Metering works.
The bad: needs new seals, The black plastic timer knob was broken I repaired it but the plastic could give out again. You can unscrew the timer knob by pressing w/ your thumb and turning clockwise. Once unscrewed it can be repaired or just replaced. Also there is a hairline crack in the top of the prism housing, does not affect the nice view. Hotshoe works, all you need is batteries for metering. Needs a good cleaning. Any Pentax K or Ricoh SLR lens will work in it.Took good pics even needing seals. So it makes for a decent backup to your Pentax K camera. $10.00
I figure shipping to be about $6.00 each, Paypal ok, US Sales
Thanks for looking