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It'd still be possible to test different films using the same developer and process. I'm not asking for a comprehensive test that covers all variables, but a test that shows how the resulting picture changes when only the film is varied would still be interesting to see. Tonal curves on their own don't tell me much, I'm afraid.
Black and white films are picked for their character as much as, if not more than, their absolute quality, I think. And in so doing, usually the developer is picked to complement that character, or at least not alter it appreciably. A simple comparison, such as all ISO 400 emulsions, will only tell you half the story, because many photographers use those films pushed. At box speed they behave very similarly (apart from grain), but when pushed significantly, some pull away from the others. Not that your question is not valid. My point is merely that the ways in which black and white films are used, differs quite a bit from colour films. Therefore a comparison will have quite narrow relevance. And since only you know what you want to achieve, it is hard to tell what comparison would give you the information you are looking for.