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I actually do a pre-wash of my films, roll and sheet, however; it's not for 5 minutes. Wasn't sure how that would affect the film. I develop my roll/sheet in a patterson tank. I do a pre-wash on each which is fill, and swhoosh around, and dump 3 times, then I'm ready to put in my developer.. I'll try to extend my pre-wash longer on my roll film now, and see if that helps.
In my experience, TMax takes more than just a rinse or two to lose its dye. The emulsion has to swell and soften first, before the dye will be released completely, I think. The Film Developing Cookbook recommends 3 stand washes of 5 min each, i.e. fill with water, stand 5 min, discard water, repeat...

Since I use Rodinal single-shot at 1:50 with developing times typically around 10-15 min (after a pre-soak), I don't see much dye get past the developer stage. For other films, the dye is really not much of an issue, and I more often use 1:25 without a pre-soak. Anyway, it is good to experiment and see what works for oneself. TMax (both versions) is a great product, and worth the extra bit of effort.