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To compare say FP4+ in D-76 to Adox CMS 20 in Adotech, doesn't tell me very much. The films are entirely different, as are the developers.
Well I think that there is a lot of validity to testing films in the developers that are commonly used to develop them. No one in their right mind would develop Adox CMS 20 in D-76. So what's the point of even conducting such a test? Adox CMS 20 is a bad example because we all know if money was no object we would all develop every single roll in Adotech II. So for that emulsion there is no ambiguity.

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What drove Henry (a retired clinical chemist) to undertake these experiments was his observation that photographic materials and processing are unique subjects in the sense that totally unqualified experts write about technical things. And they are often taken as gospel.
That doesn't sound that unusual. Have you ever heard US politicians talk about just about anything?

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Bruce Barlow did it with papers and paper developers. It turned into a pretty massive undertaking (I think he has posted about it in here). I've seen the resulting prints, and overall the differences are really subtle. In most cases it's a difference in feeling vs. something you can actually point to. Once you get past grain differences, the result for film would be similar, and probably more so.
Maybe... maybe not. I'm sure the differences are less than some would like to believe. Having said that I've seen some side by side tests that were revealing. I would do something like ISO 100 and lower films in Rodinal. And other films perhaps in the manufacturer's recommended soup and then compare. At any rate I would try and soup stuff in developers that are commonly used with that film. Or maybe one test with the commonly used developer and one with the manufacturer's recommended developer. To be honest with you there really aren't that many emulsions and developers. I would just use the top two or three at each speed. This would be a useful experiment for a photography magazine to carry out. I would purchase photography magazines if they had useful articles like this versus a bunch of repetitive gear articles.