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vpwphoto: Mid-life crisis when you wonder about the meaning of life and if anything has value after all. Try a good read of Ecclesiastes.

Another thing that helps is to give away your photography. By that I mean, print out some of the work you like, frame it and gift it friends and families. The appreciation and thanks you will get will kick you up to a higher level. And when you visit their homes and see your work on their walls, you will have a sense of immortality. Just like when you think about your kids. Good luck.
I did this sort of a few years ago... I (ebayed) some fine stuff with No Reserve to "get it out there"
I actually said "this a a very fine print, I am not 'discovered', own this piece of legitimate art, and who knows what your heirs will think about what you bought on a whim today"

I also used to travel a lot for Monsanto.. I shot a wonderful landscape in Minnesotta, I took a photo of the nearest mailbox, made a note of the road and zip code and sent it to the farmer a year later with my compliments. That was fun. Who knows what he/she did with it.