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Thank you.

Yes, I don`t want to use this lens for close up portraits, minimal focusing distance (1,5 m) is too far for this work.
Extension tubes.

transporti686, as others have noted it would be a lot more helpful to know what exactly it is you intend to do with the lens instead of everyone just guessing. Someone already pointed out the error of comparing an 80mm lens of any type to a 150mm lens. But the other thing is you are discussing two different lenses for two entirely different systems. A better course of action is to figure out your needs and then pick the system that best fits your needs. No system is going to be the best at everything. You may pick what you think is the system with the lens that has the best bokeh but it may be a pain in the butt in other areas. I find getting a camera, lens, and film that you will actually shoot, comfortably, is a better strategy. You will shoot more and have more keepers.

Anyway maybe the Bronica 150 3.5 MC is a sleeper hit. I own a Bronica and the 150mm PE is the lens everyone seems to clamor for in that line. I got a 150mm 4.0 MC years ago. It's not supposed to be that good. I never upgraded it to the 3.5 MC nor the PE version because I switched over to the Rollei 6008 Integral system. I have never done a head to head test between my 150mm 4.0 MC and my Rollei 150mm 4.0 Sonnar. The Sonnar has built in automatic metering, apertures, and shutter speeds. It's just a faster easier camera/lens to work with.

So tell the forum what exactly it is you want to do and I'm sure someone can point you in the right direction.