FWIW, a few weeks ago I received my order of C-41 LORR "LU" developer/replenisher 5 liter size and the box says "Made in China," "Kodak (Wuxi) Limted." I also ordered RA-4 RA/RT and that still says Made in USA, Kodak etc. However all of the C-41 related stuff I got (fixer, final rinse) has this Made in China, Kodak (Wuxi) Limited. Everything was ordered from Unique Photo in NJ and dates on all the boxes and bottles are current.

I'll have to check the exact wording on the box since I am at work right now. So maybe Champion is no longer the only vendor or the whole operation is moving overseas.

BTW, anyone know what the "LU" designation is? "Low Use" maybe?

Kodak is making diaper wipes now?
Well, they are looking for new markets, right?

-- Jason