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I'm referring to technical/scientific fields and literature.
Well then you aren't talking about photography. I find politics tamer and more factual than a lot of discussions that go on in photography. A recent thread on lomography is a prime example.

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The problem most people are pointing out here is that there are too many variables with several films and several developers. I agree with that.
If you only pick the popular emulsions at each speed and the popular and recommended developers it is not that big of a project, particularly for a photography periodical. You don't have to test every emulsion with every developer. As has been stated there is no point in testing Adox CMS 20 with anything other than Adotech II. ISO 100 would probably be the toughest area because so many people make decent ISO 100 B&W film. But most of those emulsions are commonly developed in Rodinal.

And besides if it was a periodical they could do a head to head Rodinal extravaganza and do everything from ISO 25 to ISO 3200 in Rodinal. Then a few issues later do XTOL. Then a few issues later do D76. I mean what are these magazines doing if they aren't doing tests like that?! Who in their right mind wouldn't buy those issues? To me every time a new emulsion comes out if I was running a magazine I would wait a few months to get some feedback on what people are developing it in and how. Then I would do a test on multiple rolls with multiple developers and publish the results. Talk about useful information.