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I do not have the ability to develop at the moment. Hopefully I will within the next month or so. I am keeping both exposed and unexposed rolls in the refrigerator inside their plastic cases AND inside a plastic tupperware container. Is this ok for the time being until i develop?

Also, I am spending quite a bit of time photographing in cold weather (-5 F here today!). When I return from the cold and head into a heated house, is it ok the leave a half used roll in the camera inside or should I try to expose an entire roll with the temperature variations?

As far as I'm aware your only concern is condensation. I put my film in the FREEZER not the fridge. I take it out and let it warm up to room temperature and then open it. I use 120 film so it always comes individually wrapped in water proof containers so I freeze and thaw it with impunity. I have never had a problem with condensation. I actually don't bother defrosting it before developing it. I mean you are going to put it in water anyway so some condensation isn't going to hurt.

So yeah freezer before and after I shoot it.