There is a screw on tip for any threaded water tap that will help fix this problem. It is essentially a vacuum or suction tip that uses the Bernoulli effect to suck air into the water stream. We used the vacuum, but Jobo has a device that uses it to reduce bubbles and the screw on tap does the same.

I have not seen one in stores recently, but they resemble a "T" where one side of the top of the "T" screws into the tap and the water exits the other side. Air enters the base, and breaks up the tiny bubbles and creates a vacuum at the same time. The inside of the top of the "T" is constricted in such a way as to create the Bernoulli effect. The exit flow of water + air is quite forceful, so you have to take care not to overdo the flow rate.

Same goes for the Jobo washer.