I don't really know why people have discussed the fate of Jessops so much on a forum devoted to film-based photograpy. Despite the company's undoubted historical legacy, they weren't in the analogue market in any meaningful way for the last several years.

Yes, most people were always going to move to what they deemed the "good enough" image making capabilities of their cameraphones, but Jessops abandoned their traditional market: the dedicated amateur photographer (or at the very least least the dedicated amateur who didn't want to migrate entirely to digital). With that, they threw out the baby with the bath water. They would have had to downsize considerably regardless, but they abandoned any semblance of a unique selling point to distinguish them in the mind of the buying public from Amazon in terms of what they could provide. I think the writing was on the wall for at least the last five years.

I was a customer myself for a long time and so, yes, I'm sad. But let's be realistic: Jessops had already been effectively dead for years.