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as i suggested before it isn't just the chemistry and the film but the person using the chemistry and film, that's the other side of the equation.
i have given my method of processing film, in a developer to friends ... time, temperature, dilution, agitation scheme, exposure ( in camera )
so they would know what to expect ... and they wrote to me that their film was so contrasty they couldn't even make salt prints with the negatives ...
these are the same negatives that when i process the film i enlarge or contact them onto paper without any filtration at all, and the print developer
is not dilute to compensate for contrast &c ...
Well gross incompetence will ruin any experiment. Developing film is easy. With little effort most people can get a negative that is reasonable to print. If someone f's up that bad they are an outlier. Either they are using Tech Pan and developing it in undiluted XTOL or that are very incompetent.