You can make a chart for any meter/spotmeter, calculating from LV or even EV @ ISO 100 to lux and/or foot-candles.
EV 10 @100 gives about 125 c/m2, which gives about 12 c/ft2. EV 11 would therefore be about 24 and so on.

I've decided to get the Gossen Starlite 2, so things should be cool as far as that goes. C/m2 to C/ft2 is a simple conversion, so it shouldn't be an issue. I'll also have a way to verify this concept with a real spot meter and may get some kind of chart worked out for how the camera can be used as far as compensating for the human factor to some very small degree.

The single biggest human factor, is that every time you photograph, the light may be the same, but the other variables will lead to improper perception, and ultimately a wide range of possible errors.