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wonder who has a kodak wratten book handy

Beuller, BEULLER

My Kodak filter book is too new and doesn't use the letter designations... but the old Kodak PhotoGuide does. "G" in Kodak-speak is Nr 15 deep yellow. The pic in the OP is not deep yellow. For whatever reason that filter probably is no good for use. Fading is a possibility but it takes a lot of light over a long time to fade filters in my experience. It really doesn't matter, though... the filter isn't much good to use.

I recently bought a lot of Nr 5 and another lot of Nr 6 filters -- about 1/3 of each lot was not good for use anymore. They are very old and it seems to take some picking-and-choosing along with a little buy-only-to-throw-out to get a good set of usable filters.

And please stop calling me "Bueller".