Selling two bargain priced rangefinders, they are both working, useable and film tested. First is a GAF memo, a nice little auto exposuee RF. rangefinder is spot on, battery still works and exposures are fine with negative film. Only problem is the film counter doesnt work. Its very small and has a nice lena, it fits in a coat pocket.

Next is a minolta 7s. Advance is smooth, meter still works and shows same results with my light meter app. There are some cleaning marks on the lens. Shutter speeds look good based on the negatives I got from it. Only quirk is uou need to hold the lens barrel for the ahutter to fire.

Price for both of them is $30 + shipping. I can ship anywhere, I also accept Paypal ( I pay the fees). USPS money orders are also accepted. PM me with offers for trades or questions. Thank you.