Thanks gents! It is praise indeed when a few people here say you've done a good job.

The Mrs likes the first the best, but says she'll happily see both 1 and 3 hung on the walls, which makes a change because the wife is taskmaster when it comes to generating pictures worthy of decorating HER house!

As for the PanF....I think I will use it again. The proof set of prints I had didn't blow me away as much as I have had with other films, but maybe that is just a one off. In fairness, the lighting I dealt with was not ideal and I think coming out with 3 "qwall hanging potentials" is a good result overall. I have 3 rolls in 35mm too for my Nikon F5 that I haven't used yet (I love my Hasselblad so much my F5 has taken a bit of a back seat, bless it) but I think I'l give it a try.