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An interesting image. I don't underestand the problem.
I guess the problem is two fold, since even this is out of context ... let me try and surmise... really simply

Posted a theological discussion of the fact that one of my recent models asked me what film was because she didn't know and had never really experienced it and I only posted it as a theology of our changing times and perception of photography, she had really only experienced digital in any adult fashion, maybe as a kid there were film cameras but her parents probably loaded them, anyway I had asked what people thought, and got a lot of negative responses referring to the model as ignorant, I didn't agree but didn't really stop all the heckling much and only slightly defended her, and then this image was posted and the thought was put forth that I don't share any empathy with the models I shoot and that I don't care about them or their feelings. Which is not at all true, but that's really the basics of the whole thing.