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I remember the image, and posted. My problem with it was that I didn't think it conveyed the message you seemed to want to convey, based on the title. The double exposure obscured her condition to the point that you couldn't tell she was anorexic. Thin, yes. Clinically anorexic, maybe. I said then, and will repeat it now, I admire the model's courage in confronting her condition in such a public way.

I post in the Gallery fairly regularly. Some of my work is borderline "traditional" photography, and occasionally the work is questioned. But, when I do post, it is for the purpose of critique (even in the standard gallery). Often, negative criticism is more valuable than positive responses. It can make me see things I hadn't prior to posting. I don't post for a pat on the back. I post because there are many subscribers whose opinions I admire, and their comments are always meaningful.
I can see your point, I guess I figured if I wanted true critique, I would post in the critique gallery... lol

And part of why I chose THIS image was because it was hard to see, it obscured her breasts and condition so that if this image for some reason got taken out of here by someone and posted on for example tumblr, and then got tumbled along, out of context of the title, no one would really know she were sick or anything really and that would in some way protect her from any ridicule. That's why I didn't post other versions that were more clear.