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p.s. In my heart-of-hearts, though, I think most people are quite good about reading other peoples "online personas" and most people generally transmit an on-line persona that is fairly consistent with who they are in real life... real names or not.
I would agree with part of that, I think the way we type and the way we speak might be very similar, but actions both obvious and obscured are what can really only be seen by knowing a person in real life, because I could always be saying "I like tities, yum yum" and I say that all the time online and in real life, but then I always hold the door for a lady, always pay for dinner, are courteous to them, never take action that isn't wanted in any fashion, never look down a girls shirt or grab at them etc.

I don't personally say that, but it's an example, just because I post something online or say it, doesn't really give you any clue of my true persona, only my outward appearance, but in person, you can tell a lot more about a person than just their words.