hi stone

i was one of the commenters from your image post.
maybe if you posted your title / blurb to put the image and
the way you described it into context this thread will make more sense.

my comment was really about how you posted the image for " shock value "
how it was kind of dizzying because of the double exposure aspect of it
and i wasn't really sure how this image really portrayed the subject as you were
trying to portray it + her. i also commented that it was kind of harsh the way you
described her in a public forum and while you have a model release form
describing someone the way you did wasn't the nicest way to describe her ...

i think the person you have a beef with was sticking up for the young lady ( ladies )
you have chosen to photograph and the way you have chosen to describe + portray them
both in the image post and in the threads/ forum .. because your descriptions + portrayals were harsh ..