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I have mixed feeling about all of this...but I'll just share this one idea because I think it may possibly prove to be the most helpful to you (even if it only turns out to be helpful in the long term):

It is often the case that the criticism that hurts the most is that which we really need to hear the most but are unable to accept. The idea is that way deep down you know there is some truth to the matter but, you really do not want to admit it. You do not want to face that ugly part of you. An example is the alcoholic who refuses to admit that he has a drinking problem and gets angry if anybody else suggests it.

I think it takes a great deal of personal strength and much introspection to come to point where one allows that, maybe, just maybe some part of the criticism is true. Give it some thought and some quiet time. Is there something you that you can change to improve in this area?

I know all too well how difficult this is to hear and to think about...it may be worth it to give it some thought and reflection.

oh...and I would definitely say that cat photos should be strictly prohibited on APUG.
This kind of constructive criticism is often welcome. But the statement made was merely that I have no sympathy for my subjects and don't care about them. When I care deeply, but I see the broader view, that this one individual MIGHT someday be harmed by the image, but both they and I chose to participate, that they knew what they were going through (as she has told me she is up 10lbs from this to which I am thankful and I contact her regularly to ask "how's your health") but I hope that when on display, with some thorough explanation, I can also allow others to not be blind by those they know that might be going through similar problems, like my mini-manifesto says "...to shed light on a dark world" I look to share the darker parts of the world with those who might otherwise wish to be blind to it. This might hurt some, but I feel it's important and could be a "greater good" in the end, much like your statement to me.