It's obvious that you are an artist, because your sensitivity to criticism is acute. I recall the comment that I think triggered this, and I completely understand why you feel as you do.

I underwent a portfolio review a few years ago, and was very well received by all but one reviewer who right out of the gate said, "This isn't 'art'." Of course he was right in that I hadn't paid homage to the large, color, ironic and bland deadpan aesthetic of that moment, but I was pissed!!! It didn't matter how many supportive and complimentary comments I'd received prior to that was a gutshot!!

Since then I've become much more relaxed about's going to be inevitable once your photographs reach beyond your mother's refrigerator. You did not celebrate the model's anorexia (if it was that), you simply documented it and added your comment.

Pull up your big boy pants...suck it up, buttercup...and get the hell on with it!!! Do your best work, learn what you can from criticism, but don't leave the forum....!!!!! There's no crying in photography!!