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Thanks gents! It is praise indeed when a few people here say you've done a good job.

The Mrs likes the first the best, but says she'll happily see both 1 and 3 hung on the walls, which makes a change because the wife is taskmaster when it comes to generating pictures worthy of decorating HER house!

As for the PanF....I think I will use it again. The proof set of prints I had didn't blow me away as much as I have had with other films, but maybe that is just a one off. In fairness, the lighting I dealt with was not ideal and I think coming out with 3 "qwall hanging potentials" is a good result overall. I have 3 rolls in 35mm too for my Nikon F5 that I haven't used yet (I love my Hasselblad so much my F5 has taken a bit of a back seat, bless it) but I think I'l give it a try.
PanF is not an easy film to shoot like Acros and lighting is most important, but when you get it right PanF is one nice film. My biggest problem for the longest time was slightly over-developing PanF and thinking I had a problem in the exposing department. What clued me in on that was when I put a roll of 120 in a tank with Fuji Acros and used Rodinal 1:100 for one hour stand developed. That roll of 120 told me I had a problem in the development end of the process. No blown highlights and no harsh contrast. I also agree on the Hasselblad! I have many, many cameras and there are some/most that I really like, but my old 500C and my SWC are a love. I used to run around and bad-mouth Hasselblad until I scraped up enough money to buy one. Such a well thought out system! I say, "If you can't take a good picture with a Hassy then you best not be taking pictures"! Truth is, there are many good systems out there and the price is more than fair now. Viva La film! JohnW