Hi all,

I built this 8x20 Korona last year in preparation for my trip to go work with Michael A. Smith and since moving to NYC I'm just not using it. I've since gravitated to using my Leica M4 and 11x14 exclusively so I'd like to see this camera go to someone who will use it. I'm still not 100% on letting it go but I'm considering trades for now. I'd welcome some new Leica gear as I can always use a little more. I'm particularly interested in a second body (M4 is my favorite). My dream would be a Tri-Elmar MATE but I don't think one of those will pop up haha.

You can see some pictures of the camera and read about some of the modifications I made HERE. In addition to what you'll see there, I also replaced the front standard by combining it with a metal donor front standard with front movements which just expanded the possibilities for this camera many fold. I also made little supports that slide under the elbows of the front and rear rails that slide into place for extra stability. They work great. Comes with one 8x20 film holder and 2 unopened boxes of Efke PL100 8x20 B&W film. The camera also comes in a fitted Pelican hard case that could withstand a nuclear blast. Sorry no lenses, I'm keeping those.

This camera is meant to be used, it is not a shelf piece. I'm an active photographer and I built this with functionality in mind, not making something pretty to look at so some aspects are a little rough around the edges but it works wonderfully and will make fantastic 8x20 photographs.

If anyone is interested I can pull it out and put up some current pictures showing the front standard and little rail stabilizers.

Let me know what Leica stuff you have to trade if interested!