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1. A thick skin is useful. Get one.
2. I found the image inoffensive but muddy visually and in its message.
3. The subject, while thin, was not thin enough to imply, by necessity, anorexia nervosa, she might have been merely fashionable .
4. All people have baggage of one sort or another. All of them.
5. Duchamp told a friend that if he had not titled his work "Nude Descending a Staircase" there never would have been such an uproar. Titles have power; they can display things by intent not present.
6. If you feel you're on your track stay on it. If the track needs to end, and you're honest with yourself, you'll end it.
7. You should be writing polls for The Onion.

Good points, the images that really show her health are all digital and forbidden here.

The title as I stated somewhere else is no the real title, I don't really give titles to my work the way others do until I actually hang them and they become official, this is simply the first thing that came to kind at the time but I also wouldn't hang this in a gallery I would hang the other ones that are clearer.

I prefer your critique at least it's honest without attack.

I probably should write for the onion...


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